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Welcome to RLI                                          

Welcome to Redemptive Leadership International (RLI)

Dear RLI Friends,

What an exciting year this is turning out to be! After several months of waiting and trusting in God’s timing, we are now preparing for one of the busiest ministry seasons ever. This fall will involve four key ministry trips for the purpose of training leaders for Christ’s church in different parts of the world. In August I will be in Seattle, WA to train immigrants from the nation of Nepal. In September, I will be traveling with Kim Peterson of Proclaim! International to Peru for 10 days of evangelism and follow-up, as well as several opportunities to establish new pastoral training centers in the Amazon basin. This new training will involve areas in Peru where “the needs are the greatest and the resources are the least”, a very important part of the RLI training philosophy.

We are also excited to finally be going back to Russia after a long wait for Russian visas. In October RLI Board member Bud Toole and I will return to Voronezh, Russia to continue our work there. My good friend Scott Baldwin is praying about the possibility of joining us as a team member for that trip. Finally, Kurt Carlson of the Black Soil Project team and I are planning to return to Voronezh in early December for more leadership training, then on to a new opportunity for establishing a training center in Ekaterinburg, the fourth largest city in Russia.

In the midst of this intense ministry, don’t forget that we have our annual RLI Champions 1800 Golf Tournament on Tuesday, October 28. This is our biggest fundraising event of the entire year. So, as you can see, we are truly in need of your prayers and support as we seek to finish this year in faithfulness to the Lord. We have provided our monthly prayer calendar for your convenience as you pray for us.

We are so grateful for each of you and your love and support of this work to which we have been called. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to Christ in these dark days around the world. May He find us faithful to His calling to the end of the age.

For the Glory of Christ Around the World,

Tim and Allison Lusk                  

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